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Friday, November 28, 2008

Craft Geek

composed on paper Thanksgiving night, transcribed the following morning
So I finally bought an Ott-Lite. And like a true geek, I read all the packaging. The guy who built this great light spent 40 years researching light and photobiology... which is to say, how biologic forms process wavelengths as in photosynthesis.

Turns out the guy filmed Secrets of Life for Disney. You know the one where you get to watch time lapsed film of plants growing, fungi shooting spores and insects hatching. Turns out specific wavelengths trigger specific responses within organism. And John Ott figured it out.
This light is amazing. I've been reading and writing for better than two hours and my eyes don't hurt. I'm even writing in my own shadow and not having a problem. It isn't hot. And, despite the maudlin memories of a beloved kitchen bothering me right now, I actually feel pretty good. I may have my Seasonal Affective Disorder solution.


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  1. Is that anything like a "Lite-Brite?" Cuz I loved those things.