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Ridiculously Happy

I promised this a while ago and would have posted it but I didn't want to lose something this important in the archives. Yeah for Blogger, now I can make it a page. This is the list of things that make me Ridiculously Happy. Both the Inner and Outer 5 year old squee with raptous joy when these things show up. It's "Dance in the Cereal Aisle When Your Favorite Song Plays in the Grocery Store" kind of happy.

Everyone needs a list like this. If you don't have one I suggest making one. And refer to it often.

*reading in the shade of a green maple canopy with a cool breeze and tall glass of ice water
                                          *Uncle Wil's writing              *English classics        *historical romance
      *Narnia     *Middle Earth    *Krynn  *Mists of Avalon  *7 Kingdoms     *Pern    

*coloring with my Cotman mini pallette
          *puddles of Prussian, lapis, cerulean blues    *puddles of sap and olive green  *burnt sienna
                 *quinacridone gold, magenta & violet         *raw sienna    *dioxazine purple

*frosty glass of Tazo Passion iced-tea

*european pastrys that melt in your mouth and your hands and leave traces of powdered sugar around my mouth
            *tiramisu       *baklava    *strudels    *macaroons    *tea cakes     *almond cresents   
                  *Sacher Torte    *strawberry cheesecake     *chocolate croissants     *citrus meltaways

*frozen fruit floating in a pitcher of sweet fruity goodness and a frosted glass to drink from
        *koolaid popsicles     *ice-pops      *Slush puppies from Deerings    *snowcones

*crafting paper dolls on a muggy rainy august afternoon when its too hot to glean green beans
       *mary jane and sue dolls    *gingham girls  

*and the doll houses we built for them

*writing on a thick blanket on tuffets of thick cool grass in the shade listening to the birds and buzzing insects

*music in moonlight

*stars strewn across a purply velvet sky above the Sand Dunes

*grown up tea party with linens and goodies and grammas china cups

*the way that Matthias Reim's voice vibrates through my spinal column. And even better is how his voice blends with a guitar to soothe ruffled nerves and jangle feathers [wink wink nudge].
                                  *his Hallelujah because it sounds like church music & Fifth Element Soundtrack

*Belly dance music

*peacock feathers: on ornaments, in fractals, in patterns
                            my blown glass peacock ornament in the tree, the peacocks clipped to branches

*Christmas songs: Matze's new music, Silent Night, The Angel Gabriel, I Saw Three Ships,
                  Soul Cakes, lute & mandolins,

*Snow on multi-colored lights, a fresh dusting on Christmas morning

*Hot chocolate after a snowball fight

*Snowball fights

*cracking open a brand new game and getting the first whiff of new game smell

*Peeling the wrapper from a fresh deck of cards... especially a deck of Killer Bunnies.

*getting packages in the mail

*New CDs from an Old Favorite: Matze!

*Friends birthdays!

*Watching the joy on someone's face when they are enjoying their own hobbies

      *the look on my boyfriend's face when he finds a slice of pure joy for him
                * sharing the same inside jokes                     *making new jokes that I don't have to explain

*A burst of fresh fruit flavors

                         * freakishly cold soda              *freakishly cold fresh fruit

*my boyfriends smile