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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

in which I am not the techno problem

Well so much for posting tonight.The server is down at my coffee shop. THat probably means that God is telling me to go home and get the heat going. I guess it isn't a bad messege to get. But I was really hoping to have a good night to post since I have so many piling up. Plus, I got booted before I could send birthday wishes via facebook. So I guess I go home and light the fire, make some pomegranate raspberry tea and hope that STASH did a better job with this tea than the wet straw tasting green tea I bought two years ago.Or I could trundle my butt downtown to Horizon where the WIFI is free but the crowds are annoying. And damn... Beaners is playing Stitched Up from Herbie Hancock's projects album. Great song. And this begs the question I have been pondering for a while now... why is a song on the radio more likely to feel special upon hearing it than putting the cd in at home? I an listen to this anytime I want to, when I need to. So why does hearing it at Beaners send a thrilling little chill down my spine?Perhaps because I don't know anyone personally who listens to this CD. Perhaps because it is an off beat thing for Northern Michigan now that Beiderman took the smooth jazz station away. Maybe because no one would expect me to sing along with a non top 40 song the way that John and Mick go at the popular songs from their posts behind the counter. I don't know. But it is the same phenomenon I experience with Sting. I have everything but Mercury Falling and when his stuff is on the radio I pump up the jams. I don't get it.

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