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Saturday, February 7, 2009

So what did I use the Ryobi on?

A Studio space at the end of teh bed. It wraps around the NW corner, has a torchiere rising from the corner where the two units meet. The big blue haze in the first photo is from the Ott lite. I forgot to turn it off before shooting. This photo shows where the actual work takes place.
The second photo shows the storage area on the West wall. Obviously the space between the two towers isn't finished. I have a lot of bins that will go there eventually. Like within the next few days since I have to find my Valentine stamps to get crackin on some cards.
The third photo shows the underbed units at the foot. You'll remember this feat of engineering in a post that describes the pain of falling out of bed as an adult. It's a bit messy yet. But I have enough space to work to do small immediately needed projects.
These units are made by Jetmax. They are pretty cost efficient if you get the mon sale or with a coupon. What I am hoping to do is simply wrap them with static tape when it is time to move. That way I don't have to pack what is in the units to move them. And yes, I have already tested the weights. I can manage them all by myself.
This was a simple feat of my engineering and design skills. I'm sure if I had to have built them from the ground up my math would have gotten me in trouble. It always does... like forgetting to take into account the saw blade width as that material is lost with each cut. Ya know, stuff like that.

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