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Monday, March 2, 2009

successfully avoided a murder one wrap

Spent the day with brother without bloodshed. A good sign. But as I told a friend, I'm not likely to take this olive branch. I keep getting whacked with them everytime I reach for them. I may be a slow study, but I do learn.
He is laid off for a while. So now he wants to get cracking on packing up dad's stuff and getting it out of the house. Silly him, he thinks I'm gonna help. I've been spinning my wheels because I have been refused every request. No it isn't mature. But you know what? It also makes no sense to spend my time and energy doing something which will be forgotten the second he starts accounting for hours. I mean holy crap, he accused me of ignoring his birthdays. I'm the one that bakes his freakin' cake! Forget his bday my left foot.
So he's had his fill of not talking to his sisters. So he says. And how long will that last? Until he and his wife get back together? Until he finds someone else? Until he's managed to get some money out of the estate? I already told him today that the voting is 15 to 3; MQT over CHI-town for my next destination. He knows I am not sticking around.
And that is even after he offered to help me start up my business. Yep. If I weren't firmly resolved and well educated on the subject of our patterns of interaction I would have fallen for it. Based on his use of terms, I'd say that someone besides myself has accused him of dream killing. Still... not falling for it.
And as far as the votes go: I need to live in a bigger city. I love Marquette in a way to make words inadequate. But, I truly need to expand my horizons. Besides, a better brother is there. And my cousin drops in enough to make visiting face-face more likely.

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