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Monday, April 13, 2009

Pina Colada Free Escape

I guess that would require some explanation. I already have a Tracfone which means that someone who is looking for me, like last time, can't find me through an incompetant phone company employee, like last time. My brother can not say it is an emergency and even the law enforcement friends of his can't trace me with my account holder info because it doesn't exist. And the best part of this plan is that I just got my hands on a new tracfone abandoned at the hotel when we sorted the backlog of lost and found from 2 months ago. So when I make my move all I have to do is put minutes on the new phone number while allowing bro to think the old number still exists. While I have communications taken care of, there is a matter of having readily moveable cash that doesn't require a pirate chest or an armored car. What to do what to do.
The answer came to me as I was standing at the counter cashing last weeks paycheck. A CheckNcash card does not require an account that reports a statement. Nor does it required reporting to Federal authorities as with a bank account under the Patriot Act. There is a limit to how much you can load on a card that seems to indicate that the lawmakers have found a threshold of futility for terrorist funding. I guess no one thinks these cards will be used to transfer funds when they can move only these small amounts. So yea! I can not be traced by my card activity because one has to know I have the card to trace me with it. So step one in my escape plan is to have this card. Mission accomplished. Now all I have to do is keep loading it with amounts of cash. If bro decides on his colossally stupid plan to seize my assets and freedom and I have to disclose my bank statements, they will register pathetically low balances. He knows where I bank because I have found his boot prints outside of the mailbox which he has no business looking in. Oh, he hasn't tampered with anything as far as I can tell. But he certainly knows more than his family ties permit.
Step two is to continue to build my social network. I currently have a bazillion options for safehouses. Regretfeully MQT and Chicago are the most obvious choices so I will not be able to use them as a first resort... pass through yes. 1st resort no.
Step three is to reduce my ballast and find the most secure location to store possessions while obtaining and coordinating the transport.
Step four is a bit fuzzy. I guess one hsould have a job waiting for where ever one lands so one does not have to resort to piracy, sqwatting or homeless shelterness. But I have to be able to go when the moment strikes and that won't really work when an employer likes to have a when can you start date.
Admittedly, it isn't a fully formed plan, more like a rough draft than a hot of the press novel. But it is a start. And since I really want to be untraceable by means bro has at his dsipossal... this is the best one I've got. Of course I would prefer there to be some aliens, the Millenium Falcon or , the absolutely best, Asgaard beaming device. But since the Asgaard are gone... well. Ya know.

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