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Monday, July 6, 2009

Not that i really need another way to waste my time; but have you heard about MMORPGs? Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Games. If I wanted to be a starfleet cadet and raise through the ranks to become a starship captain, I could. If I wanted to be the next mongol leader charging Russian baracades, I could. It lets you be online and talk to people while playing a game. Now, have you heard of MMORTS?
MMORTS areMassively Multi-player Online Real Time Strategy games. EVONY is one such game that is like RISK! set in the Dark Ages and my location is somewhere in Bohemia's North March. The only hook I needed to join this game aside from the "Free Forever" banner was the Bohemian connection. In honor of my German ancestors I am in Lauenstein. My name is Drenga, a feminine variant of Drangott.
So what this means is that once you are set up with a beginners account, you start building cottages, farms, quarries, iron mines and all of the things that your city needs to survive. As time passes in the real world, your account accumulates wealth based on a tax rate you set and the production rate that is determined by the levels of upgrades done to your farms and mechanical production centers. You can levy your populace in a pinch. Your community also accumulates gold while you are down. the game is designed to be played in your down time and not interfere with your real life. This means that when you build something, based on complexity, it has a predetermined time frame for completion. So you wait.
While you are waiting you can talk to folks who are on line. And if you don't want to wait you can buy sevices from the Freemium menu to speed up your construction process. I've been online with this for only two days now. It is at times tedious. But when you first come online after sleeping and working your day away, you start with a huge cashet and embark on a massive building trend. The first ten minute go by quick. But the tendency to stare at the counter and will your stores to increase is annoying. And that is no fault of the game.
I haven't decided if I like this enough to play with cash. I'd rather give Wil Wheaton my money and have good beach reading material. But Iam glad to have found a good game that isn't goingto crash my puter like the other free games out there.
We'll see if this builds a good geek community as well as Twitter does.