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Tuesday, September 22, 2009


By definition: actions marked by caution and secrecy, taking pains to be unobserved. Also; clandestine, covert, unobserved surveillance. In other words TOP SECRET!!!

So when you walk into a coffee shop and see a really cute guy sitting in your favorite chair and decide to sit close enough to enjoy the view, you shouldn't get caught. Especially since he is wearing a gold wedding band. Yeah. That was the first thing I looked at over the edge of my laptop as I pretended to scan the tool bar.
Of course you shouldn't get caught anyway. Married or no. And when he gets up to get another cuppa, you shouldn't be typing about it when he comes back to his seat as he cannot help but see what you're writing because you forgot that surreptiously also means turning your laptop from public view.
Unless of course your subconsciousness says that is a good idea.


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