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Friday, July 16, 2010

Sleep under the what?

I am so tired. I don't know if it is the heat, the anemia (if in fact it turns out to be a player in this Revolution), the jacked insulin or the 15 hour shift that about killed me two days ago. I haven't really been able to get back to a good sleep schedule. But I am going home to sleep under my orchid.

Yes. I said sleep under the orchid. Sweetie bought me a Phalenopsis. I might have mentioned that. I might not have. I have the memory of a crack baby (thank you Drew Hastings) which is similar to the memory span of a Tree Frog. The Phalenopsis is beautiful. It is my favorite of all the orchids, mostly because it is one of the only ones that doesn't look like the Nightmares in Tim Burton's sketch book. It droops over the bed from the nightstand and is pleasant to wake under. So I will go to sleep and hopefully have some very pleasant dreams. Or I will sleep deeply and not be bothered with remembering the very pleasant dreams. However it works I don't care.

You know... now that I think of it. A Phalenopsis looks a lot like a very happy Frilled Dragon that is Superdee dooperdee happy to see the sun...

I gotta quit anthropomorphizing.
And forget I ever saw an episode of Barney.

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