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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Out and About

Been out and about a lot for the week. It seems like a lot since we've gone and done something everyday in town (even though we both hate downtown... sorry Ms. Clarke) when for the last three months we have gone out and about maybe three times.

We hit the cool pizza place again this week. Pangea's has the most incredible wild mushroom pizza. We got pretzels in the mall. Twice we've gotten chili dogs at Ware's Brother's. And all the while we've been finishing up the home decorating tasks in the house. And we found a whole lot of cool stuff downtown and in the mall.

But let's keep in mind that I hate shopping unless it is for art supplies. And he hates shopping for anything. So the fact that we are shopping is in and of its self a miracle, not Red Sea parting, but a miracle nonetheless. But the fact that I can even stand to shop is a good sign that I'm hanging out with the right person. That the trips were successful is a miracle too.

Beyond shopping for a good reason, it was nice to get out and see the town in Spring. And to see how the town is trying to hold on to life in the dying economy. There are not a lot of people out and shopping. And there are a lot of stores that are sitting empty. But there is something for everyone downtown. It used to be that we were going the way of Vale and Aspen with stores that would cater to the higher incomes. But I think we have finally realized that everybody has to have their needs met and met on their level. The diversity of shops is starting to show that.

It is also starting to show signs of moving closer and closer to the visionary nightmares I have had these last 15 years. But until it gets really spooky and more familiar I will just enjoy what we have. And share those things with everyone else...

Which really makes me wonder why the hell I didn't take the camera with me. I could have shown you the pizza place, cupcake shop, the chocolate bar, a store full of nifty things and a pre-budding tree lined street. I live in a great city and it seems silly not to share it.

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