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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mangoes: not a colorful metaphor

There are  days when I am so dense that I wonder how I am still  a card carrying member of Geekhood. Maybe it is because I do not have a problem rolling up my sleeves and just doing something... you know that whole learning thing. So today I see a little something special when I opened a tab to come here and see what has been going on with Blogger. or more specifically, my blog. And low what do I find? A little picture of a close up of my mangoes painting. What?!

Yep. My mangoes. How did that get there?
Then I remembered that about two weeks ago I was on Blogger Buzz and saw that they rolled out a favicon thingy for us to use. What is a favicon? I do not know exactly. I'm guessing its a class of word that the kids are using these days... a contraction noun of favorite+icon. Which I guess doesn't sound so ridiculous as it might if I were a 100 years old. And I was not sure what I needed it for. But apparently absolutely everyone needs one because absolutely every hardcore Blog-geek asked Blogger for one. So they  made an app for that.* And since it didn't look too hard to do I made one.

Then I spent about 4 hours hunting all over my blog for it. I thought it was supposed to appear in the navbar header (that's navigation+bar) on Blogger but it wasn't there. Then I thought well tab must mean the non manila folder tab emulating tab across the very top of my screen. But it wasn't there. Frustrated, I scoured the forums to see if everyone else was having a problem. Some people were. Mostly the issue was being blamed on the browser being used so I just chalked it up to the Internet being cantankerous. And I moved on.

So this morning I see it. Whoo Hoo! And now while I am on the page, drafting this post to you all and wondering how stupid this is going to make me look, I glanced at the tab that tells me which of the 3 pages I have open I am working on for a glance at my pretty mangoes and guess what..... its just the plain old boring blogger favicon. WTF!?!?!?!?!?!?!

So guess where all of us non-genius geniuses went wrong. Yep. We really did not know what we were doing. We did what Blogger told us our peers were doing. We didn't screw up our 'puters or set the world on fire so we did it. And nothing bad happened. Nothing happened that we noticed because we were all looking in the wrong spot for the wrong thing!!!!!


But then we all learned something. So in the end it was fine. And now I rest a little easy knowing that all of you followers can see my mangoes** in your blog list just like I see uncle Wil's cartoon face in mine. And it makes me happy even though I know I am the only one in love with that particular painting.

*Totally made an assumption there. But its probably fairly accurate since that is the only reason 80% of the things were use and love gets made.
**mangoes: a colorful painting by me. Not a colorful metaphor for outside mommy parts. :p

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