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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Solution to Yesterday's puzzler

So it turns out, as a co-worker told me later in the day, I just do not know how to take a complement.

While in MAAAAAANNNNNNYYYYY!!!!! instances that is true since I shrink from attention like someone leveled a phaser at me. But really? I guess its flattering. But it is still creepy. And I loathe the next full moon.

Co-worker in question has sound judgement most days of the week. And co-worker would not steer me wrong for anything. So I guess its also just going to be one of those things that falls under the heading of "Standing on the Corner Watchin' All the Girls Go By." It was not creepy back in the day. In this age of freedom following the Gloria Steinem revolution of 40 years ago Dean Martin really could get arrested for what he was thinking.

And the dumpy little kid that couldn't get noticed if she set herself on fire wants to know what the big deal is. I mean really. Is it such a crime to let a girl know you're kinda into her?

Ladies, take your complements when you can get them and be grateful that you can turn a head or too. I'm glad to know that I've got my groove back cause I was seriously wondering what the hell was wrong with me.
Gentlemen... I guess the lesson in this bit of FM weirdness is this: If you're appreciative of a woman's presence don't be so creepy about it. Find a polite way to let her know or keep it to yourself. ESPECIALLY give nrecent events in New York City with former leaders of the IMF.

BTW: does the fact that IMF also stands for Impossible Missions Force throw anyone else when they bring it up? Maybe it's just me. But still... guys.... DON'T BE A CREEP!

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