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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eureka! Not the show... the exclamtory remark

 I think I figured out why I like schlager music so much...
musically most of it is the stuff I listened to as a kid, standards, doo-wop and the stuff mom would have heard at her prom. You guys would know it best as the Stuff Marty McFly would have listened to at his Moms Prom in 1955. I get a hankering for the old stuff once in a while. But the songs are old and I am tired of the lyrics. This is paralel universe stuff... and yes once in a while you get some American stuff, Cat Stevens, Pat Boone and Roger Whittaker. But for the most part it is new to me kind of stuff that feels familiar.
Imagine, if you will, a world in which the Doors and the rest of the pychedelic bands never made it to the mainstream. Imagine mainstream pop music is not the Beattles but maybe the Four Freshmen. I may not be making a case for schlager too appealing. Its just a connection that I find fascinating.

Schlager is not really as tired as I might make it sound. Periodically it gets infused with new energy with Konstantine Wecker (Billy Joel) and Matthias Reim (Sting and Huey Lewis). Roalnd Kaiser is like the Hary Connick Jr or Michael Buble over there. Its all great stuff even if it isn't the Pink, Beyonce, Gaga stuff American music is. And the fact that I get blind sided once in a while by the scrap the kids are listening to these days may be EXACTLY why my ears are on German radio.

I don't know for sure.... I'm just musing.

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