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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

The End

Well the feedback is in from the last post. It didn't take long.
It was meant as an illustration of the INFP personality type. And since it turned out into another reason to be mad at me and get hurt feelings while missing the larger picture.... that will be my last post about relationships.

I will continue to work with the personality types. But I will do it with the therapist. So all I can say is that you guys should know your type. Embrace your type and understand how those characteristics you possess blend with the characteristics of those in your life.

The last few movies I have seen "Something about You" and some other chic flick who shall remain nameless since I am having a brain fart have shown me where we make a mistake in human interpersonal relations. Those movies, chick lit and popular advice columnists like to make the whole of our problems a gender issue. It is not.

All of our conflicts are based not on men being stupid and women being evil. But on the failure to understand perosnalities. Some are oil and water. And some are milk and honey. Women are not evil and men are not stupid. Both are misunderstood because we see men only as their build and their profession with a little attention to the biology. Women only are seen as well... the same thing.

I guess I just thought that it would be nice to take a personality, mine since it is the only one that I am familiar with, and hopefully make it a little more understandable. And in the process make me and the other 1% of INFPs more understandable. All I did was make a bigger mess.

So since it turns out that I am not a good writer for the subject... no more relationship issues. No more about personalities... not from me. I left you all the link for the websites in previous posts. And I will leave the links here again. The rest is up to you:

I will stick to the geeky stuff here.

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