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Saturday, May 12, 2012

I Saw that Episode....

You know. The one where so and so did something and then this happened. I find that I've been using the phrase "I saw that episode." to head off commentary on how I should know something. Or to very elegantly and simply announce that a detailed description is not necessary. For instance:

To describe a relationship as being "Ross & Rachel", or "Castle and Beckett". Then there is my personal favorite "Charles & Caroline".
A ditsy girl as being a "Phoebe"
Or "Samantha" or "Jeannie" to describe phenomenal domestic powers at the bidding of a spouse
When I am being geeky, "That's so Leonard." Geeky AND arrogant "That's so Sheldon." or for the gate geeks out there "That's so Rodney."

Today, what set me thinking about my dependence on geek culture and all things geekdom to help me form analogies, I was talking with ACG about a work situation. I think that there is some fishing going on because one of my co-workers has changed his style of communication. So I said "I saw that episode of Happy Days." You know the one. One of the guys had asked Ritchie to help him figure out if he had a shot with one of the girls that he was interested in. And in Cyrano de Bergerac fashion it backfired. Since I saw that episode all I had to do was sit back and enjoy the stymie.

Then the other day I was writing a short story. To avoid to gory details of a body being schmeared on the road by a semi I simply said. "I know you saw that episode of Criminal Minds." You know the one. It's the one where Wil gets flattened while running away from Hotch and pals.

Our maintenance guy has been filling me in on the doings of our lively little town. A string of armed robberies has left the populace wondering if we live in Mayberry or Barney Miller has been letting Fish do all the leg work in the precinct. I mentioned that and got a chuckle out of him. So he says to me there was something that he didn't understand about the newspaper article. Sadly for him, and much to my unending joy, he had scratched his head and said "There's just one thing I don't understand..." I cut him off with "What's that Columbo?"

I miss Peter Falk.

No matter what the situation is in the last week I've been using "Yeah I saw that episode" a lot to describe my utter non-plussed-ness because I am just not surprised by much any more.

And on that note...
Good night John Boy.

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