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Monday, January 21, 2013

Sadly missed Opportunity

Ugh! Ya know how you can get so involved in an area of study, mesmerized by the details, that you lose sight of the people involved in the field of study? I was just revisiting the world of the Mandlebrot Fractal, having been turned on to them by Charlie on Numb3rs. And in the little bit of reading I did I discovered that I totally missed an opportunity to celebrate Benoit Mandlebrot's death. He died two years ago and I didn't even know.

I feel like a bad fan.

Look them up on Google and then drool over the loveliness that is repeating patterns. I could never do what he did... putting numbers and formulas to the irregularities I the world. But I sue appreciate the fact that he saw those inconsistencies and didn't ignore them like so many Box-thinking Math types do. If ever oh ever there were a reason to make piece with the Math gods fractals are it. Alas... that seems a mountain even Master Yoda would think twice before climbing. Or blasting.

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