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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Last Days

Friends, today is the day I move the last of my things from my home of the last 16 months into a new place with a roommate, cats and room for all my geeky hobbies to flourish. It will be an adjustment to have a roommate. But I will also be able to engage in the things that allow us to express our humanity. The simple act of washing dishes in a real life sized sink instead of a hotel room sink will be a welcome chore. And cooking with real appliances will be a treat a long time coming.

It has been difficult to leave my little room. More so that I had thought would be possible, it seems I became attached to this place. One might suppose that is the gift of being an Empath. You may be adaptable in many situations. And I did adapt. I claimed my 200 square feet of living space as my own.

This move marks many changes. One of those changes is in my health. A simple issue has turned complicated as my doctor now searches for potential cancer cells in my lower organs. He thinks that the most likely answer to the issue is my genetic predisposition to upholding Murphys Law. I think that we need a new law in the Universe: If it ain't supposed to break Sherry will break it. I have that effect on technology and indestructible materials. I also bend where my bones are not supposed to bend. So there is no telling exactly what is going on without a biopsy.

If you see that I am not here for a few days it means that I am stuck in the accretion disk of my worldly goods while trying to find room for everything in my very non-TARDIS-like new home and worrying myself senseless over the ifs concerning cancer potential. Though I do promise that there will be an interesting post when I return on the issues of this year's X-prize goals and the potential benefits that are on the galactic horizon. I don't know if I will use humor so much as just rant about why we have iPads but not medical tricorders..... I suspect I will just rant.

Enjoy the next few days my friends and I will see you next time!

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