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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Annnnnd still not 100%

So while I am still having some issues recovering from this stupid kidney thing I am spending great amounts of time with the BBC. I wish I could say that we get BBCA but Netflix and Hulu+ are a good substitute. I have watched Robin Hood again, a production of Wuthering heights, a handful of remakes of other classic lit pieces, Sherlock, Black Books, the Book Group (again) and have decided... Geeks like Brits for movies based on books.

Honestly, in the case of Richard Armitage, there is no way to not like the man. A brilliantly conflicted Guy of Gisbourne, Armitage brings a depth to that character that Jonas Armstrong never really gets into his Robin. Ya gotta love Armitage. Of course, I am biased toward the dark haired soulful eyed men and thus he has a distinct advantage over others but geez.... really, he is pretty awesome. And cheeky sarcasm really only carries a character so far any more because so many characters these days are cheeky and sarcastic as a matter of course and not in the course of making a point. It is emotionally tiring. Of course I live in the States and this is a British production so I may be sick of my own kind because so few people here take anything seriously.

Most of the cast of Game of Thrones is English as is the Hobbit. And, as I have said somewhere before, as much as I enjoy Johnny Lee Miller Elementary is not the show that Sherlock is. What I find most intriguing about the shows that I have watched, besides the shows themselves, is that they reveal quite and interesting Venn Diagram of my particular interests:

Sherlock, Star Trek share Benedict Cumberbatch
Robin Hood, Hobbit share Richard Armitage
Sherlock, Hobbit share Martin Freeman

Within only a few degrees my sci-fi fantasy realms connect.

And of course while relegated to the world of my couch and its immediate environs, I've had little to do but scour the Internet to learn more about that which piques my curiosity the most. And for the last few weeks I've been most curious about Richard Armitage. I already know that when a person catches my fancy there is an element of kindred spirithood. At the point in which research commences the goal then is to discover where the kindred connects.

Armitage is a geek. He calls himself a square, stating the diametrically opposed dispositions of his true nature and that of a character like Guy as being the fun bits of being a baddie. But when you look at what he will reveal about himself it is pretty obvious he is a Geek, a Nerd if that suits best. Painfully shy and reticent, I am amazed that he is an actor. It seems an incongruous thing to not want attention and go in front of a camera. A character is like another skin, so perhaps it should not surprise me so much.

In either case, it would seem I keep finding evidence that the Geek shall inherit the Earth...

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