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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


They are part and parcel of geek life. Most of mine are healthy obsessions, outlets for creativity or inspiration for my art work. I am not one of those people who likes fan fiction. I wrote my share when I was younger. When I realized that all I was creating was 1 new friend and 1 or 2 new enemies for the Enterprise-D and just parroting the crew I gave up. Not because it wasn't good to exercise my writing muscles, but because they were not the stories that wanted to come out of me. And the stories that want out are taking their time getting here. But that is fine. They will come when they are ready.
I am however one of those people who likes to learn all there is about the thing for which I am a fan and to experience the creative fan love of other fans.

My latest obsession, if I haven't mentioned it before, is Richard Armitage. And as usual, I find none of my immediate geek friends even know who I am talking about... until we mention the Hobbit. But apparently in my little recessed corner of Geekdom, because Thorin is not the hot bodied character that the elves or Aragorn are no one has noticed him. Of course I notice him because I spent 3 seasons drooling over Guy Gisbourne. But I can't seem to convince my girlfriends a. that he really isn't a dwarf, b. that if he is a dwarf he is the tallest one in history, c. that of all the dwarves he is the cutest one and that d. no actor is ever the sum of a single role and he totally deserves a thorough look see. To prove my point, I posted this picture from the internet (I honestly have not figured out how to link back to anyone. So should the copyright holder like to come forward I will gladly give proper attributions)

I guess since I have not been terribly persuasive I will have to enjoy his artistry along with the fans in other parts of the world who think that I am slow to board the Armitage Train. And thus I am brought back to one of the prickly parts of the Geek puzzle: how? how is it that I am so alone in my obsessions?

 I know that I do not comprise the entirety of the Armitage Army, I am not the only RDA fan on the planet. But apparently in my little corner of Michigan I am the only Matthias Reim fan and the only Richard Armitage fan and the only one who can watch BBC programs and recognize character actors on sight. Oh, did I mention that I have a horrible habit of listing a nearly complete filmography in the processs of OMG OMG OMG OMG-ing?  I did get my roommate to join me on the last few episodes of Robin Hood. And while she concurs that he is the most likeable and sympathetic of Gisbournes, this is not her kind of TV. Which might mean that I will have to have her watch North and South. Between the two of us we might have all the most recent versions of English Lit on Film. So that would be worth sitting through. Can't help it, I love a good swashbuckler.

In my expanded geek circles, the circle that encompasses the group of friends I had in high school who went some where outside of Michigan to seek their fortunes it is quite a different story. I was the only trekkie in the group. But I am not alone in my love of British TV.... except that I am still the only one on this side of the pond who actually knows who Jeremy Brett is and mourns his loss even with the wonderful new Holmes that we have in Benedict Cumberbatch.

I guess that is always going to be the way of the Geek. The Venn Diagram just can't cover everything and everyone. But does that center shape have to be so friggin empty? Who knows, may be by being the geek that I am and loving the things that I love the way that I do and without apology, without hiding it from family who will not understand, I will meet more people who share the things that I love. And the magic will happen with the gift of the Internet if it will not happen with the blessing of physical proximity.

At any rate, if you have never met one of his characters you do yourself a disservice. He is wonderfully in tune with every character that he has portrayed that I have seen. It is said that once in character he does not come out of character until filming is over. That kind of dedication to the craft is very much evident and makes him all the more valuable in an ensemble. And he is also one of the most fan-friendly stars. It seems to be the way of the non-American types. If you get a chance to meet him, be respectful of his time. But at least smile and send a cheerful wave of support his way. People don't like to have tea interrupted or be groped by strangers, but a show of solidarity is always good karma for both parties.

Well off to find more RA videos on You Tube. Guy and the Sheriff mashed with Pinky and Brain is priceless.


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