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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

No Boundaries

There is a reason that there are crazy cat ladies in the world. Look at that face. Tell me you can not love that face.

This isn't even my cat. I am not the one responsible for the feeding, litter and vet bills. My housemate is. But this little guy is my new best friend. Apparently we've met in a past life before because he just glommed onto me and would not let go. Rumors of his shy and retiring nature were completely unfounded. He sleeps with me whenever he can, crawls right up me when I am on the couch and uses me as his snuggle perch when he is bored of being by himself. He is with me almost everywhere I go in the house.

There is something exceptionally intelligent in his eyes, almost human. And he is built unlike any other cat that I have seen. He's a Norwegian forest cat. I don't know.... there's just something about him.

I came home from work the other night upset and crying, curled up on the couch for some soothing TV and found no solace in the programs I chose. He crawled right up under my chin to sleep across my collar bone while I cried. He let my tears splash on him and hugged my arm with all four of his feet. When was the last time I could do that in a relationship?

This little guy is not even a year old so he still has a lot of energy. It takes a lot of play to wind him down once he gets some energy in him. So he takes a lot of time. I haven't spent much time in my studio or getting anything else done in the last couple of months. It's nice to have contact with a living thing. Being single affords few opportunities for connection. And lately being a geek hasn't won me any points in that department either.

I am normally a boundary-less person. I get hurt a lot as a result. So while I am out in the world learning how to not get hurt, or more appropriately, how to manage the pain when I do, it is nice to have a safe place where there needs no boundaries. At least with this little guy, if I have to put him away from me because he is too rambunctious he knows how to go off and do his own thing until I am ready for him again. And he never holds it against me.

Not sure what I am going to do when this roommate situation ends. I think giving this fella up is going to be as hard as realizing there is never going to be a knight to replace my tarnished Ritter.

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