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Monday, July 29, 2013


So this being my first day off of the week I am trolling facebook for all the geek-worthy news and updates from friends and family that I missed because of work. All in all it is a good day for trolling. There is a controversial new book written by Rezi Aslan that has Fox News in a lather. Along with all the Christians who like to conveniently forget from what humble beginnings their savior comes. It's food for thought, a matter to mull over until I can compose a suitable essay on the matter. Religious studies is one of my long term Geek Studies that makes me happy happy to explore. Then there is this absolute travesty of Geek Matters:

BBC-America is having us (ANGLOS) vote for man of the year. Round one is between Benedict Cumberbatch (zing zing zing) and Richard Armitage (zing zing zing). How in the name of all that is dear to the heartstrings is a fangirl supposed to chose between the two of them?! HOW? Dear God... I could no sooner chose my favorite star in the Heavens. Oh wait that is a lie. I am quite partial to Rigel in the Orion star cluster. But then there is Aldebran in Taurus. And Deneb in Cygnus...

See!!!!!!!!!!!! I can not chose!

I've been part of the Armitage Army since 2006 before I even knew we were an army. And I am a Cumberbitch. I can not chose in terms of first come first served because the intensity of the fandom is so strong in this one.

New Kirk old Kirk is easy. New Kirk. But I'd rather no Kirk at all.
New Spock Old Spock? Old Spock.
Enterprise-A Enterprise-D? D
Kirk or Picard. Duh... Picard.
Pepsi or Coke? Dr. Pepper.
Four, Ten or Eleven? The choice in Doctors is difficult. Four will always be my first love. And both 10 & 11 are endearing. But Ten is really the one that I'd watch over and over again.
Bond? Connery and Dalton.

Ugh! There goes the ambivalent Aquarius rearing its ugly yet indecisive head. And it isn't like you can do a legit pro and con list for Richard or Benedict. I like them for entirely different reasons. They are the two sides of the Force. Richard is admittedly "bad tempered and moody" and thus the Paragon of the romantic notion of Tall Dark and Handsome. Classic features and piercing eyes and that voice... slices right through me every time. And Benedict has classic features, granted they run toward the "quirky" side of British looks, piercing eyes and a voice that would slice through granite too. Also a Paragon: Tall, Dark and Winsome. Both are self proclaimed Geeks, "square" by Richard's description having spent a good deal of time with their noses in books as kids. In fact, if my math is correct, Richard and I read the Lord of the Rings Trilogy during the same Summer vacation.

What's not to love?

And they both have very interesting senses of humor. Benedict has a similar sense of humor to mine except he is better at physicality, mugging for a camera than I am. And Richard has the same shy, retired approach to humor with people he is not oft around. So if it is true that we are attracted to those that are most like us (or our earliest role models) I'd not be able to chose between them based on humor either.

So what then shall be the tie breaker? Both of them are absolutely appreciative of the fans. And are generous as the Wheaton with them. So the element of sweetness is not a clear determination. There is no way to chose.

And then if I could chose, in subsequent rounds they would be pitted against Ten and Eleven. It is a hopeless thing to have to chose the parts of my heart to celebrate. I am an Aquarius. We are the epitome of "wanting everyone to get along and feel loved. Loyal to a fault."

What might sway me is knowing there are uncommon shared interests. For instance, if I knew one of them listened to some of the not very mainstream music I like. But neither of them can admit to liking musicals. As the backstage talk for ST:NG indicates that busting out into broadway hits was something that Frakes did a lot, I tend to think that is something that most actors do. Not because they are swishy but because the high school musical production is where most of them start acting so it is a common enough language. And there is, admittedly, nothing funnier than singing familiar lyrics wrong just to piss the purists off. Not saying Riker did that as Wil has never said that was the case... but... it is within the realm of possibility.  Maybe knowing someone likes Eurodance versions of classic 60s, 70s and 80s music (Let's Dance from Vinylmoverz on the 80s Reloaded album is playing on Spotify- you know, cause I am weird like that).

I don't know. Something has to help me decide when it comes to polls like that.

But I would never chose otherwise. I like my FangirlDanceCard to be completely full.

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