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Sunday, July 14, 2013

First Words on Into Darkness

I've seen it twice. I loved it both times. And a more complete commentary is in the works. Right now I feel a pressing need to say something to Mr. Cumberbatch.

Sweetie, (can I call you that even if you've not played The Doctor on TV? hmm... )
It is my personal and considered* opinion that your "nude" scene was cut in deference to Mr. Pine. As Cumberbitches must out number Pinenuts at least 6-1 and your performance overshadowed that of the entire cast, the inclusion of your "nude" scene would have been his utter undoing.

I mean, my God man, you've worn nothing but a bed sheet and a snarky smile in a reasonable facsimile of Buckingham Palace as Holmes. How could you not have been "buff enough" as Harrison? No. It was to save Mr. Pine's honor and numbers that the scene was cut.

By the by.... where did you hide that ashtray? ;)

Looking forward to the next series of Sherlock,
a Cumberbitch

*it is a considered opinion because I have spent a good deal of time considering it.

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