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Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday Morning Off, a Working Girl's Treat

Saturday morning arrives with a crisp autumnal breeze, wan lemony yellow sunrise, hyper cats and me still warm in my bed after sleeping very hard with a comfortable room temperature. Saturday morning did not find me folding laundry in the hotel. We are still at the busy season, will be for another couple of months if last year is any indication. And it is rare for me to be able to have Saturday morning off. But my flat mate got us tickets to a special event today and since it only cost 10 dollars I could hardly say no. It is a foodie event so I wasn't going to say no anyway.

This is a relatively new event in town. We used to have the Epicurean Classic but something happened with the sponsorship and Mario Batali's involvement and such. Now everything is all straightened out and the event is back on course. Chef Batali has a house around here so we get a lot of his friends around. I only found out yesterday that Chef Robert Irvine might be at the event. Foodfangirl swooning right here. I love that guy. He is sometimes hard to watch because his passion is a bit unsettling in its degree of display. But he is always right. So have camera will travel. Will also be making sure to find him while we are at the Open Space.

It will be my first time attending so I don't know what to expect. My flat mate expects me to learn to make more fabulous food that I already do. Which should be interesting because I'm constantly told that I am getting too fancy. There's a familiar refrain if ever I've heard one. She is only used to college life and about 20 years younger than me so I expect there to be some adjustment to the way we each do things in the kitchen. When I hear that from a boyfriend with a very rigid idea of life I wonder why he thinks he shouldn't have nice things, do nice things for himself and then I wonder why I should believe I don't deserve a nice meal instead of a reheat or heat and serve. So part of today's goal is to be surrounded by people who think as I do about food and it's meaning.

Everything has meaning. I don't know if it is a geek thing or a basically human thing to seek meaning in all things but I do know that it is a spiritual thing. And my spirit needs a bit of a refresh. Today's event will also help me to teach my flat mate to think about food and food prep less as a chore and more as a gift.  Not a lot of people are able to have choices about their food these days.

I am looking forward to finding new recipes, learning new tricks and most importantly finding local resources for some of the foods that I like.


  1. And for the record: I don't like Robert Irvine because he is British. I know right now I have a renewed interest in BBC shows. It's because they are good. Not because they are British. I like Robert Irvine because he is right in what he says.

  2. And he was here to film an episode. It happened last week, not during the food fest. They filmed up at the Mall. So we will see how that all pans out.