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Thursday, December 5, 2013

What? Me Worry?

Playing this close to the vest. My worry inducing date went just fine. Had a lot of reason to be impressed before and more now. All I am really able to say in any official capacity is this...

If you've ever doubted my assertions that you must, without hesitation or trepidation, be yourself and let your Freak Flag Fly, then let this be a reminder to you. (Hell... remind me when I doubt my own advice).

You have to be yourself.

The only way you are ever going to find people who belong with you is if they can recognize you. If you look like every khaki panted, blue blazered, loafer wearing wannabe exec then the people wearing orange tuques or plaid deerstalkers, brown coats, bowties with fezes and 3-D glasses while wielding Light sabers  & flip communicators, discussing the finer points of Starfleet protocol and Asgard technology are going to pass you by. They already know that the exec types aren't going to be geek-friendly so they don't bother any more. They've been called weirdoes their whole lives and they are only into being in the groups to which they belong.

Those "weirdoes" are your people.

I'm not saying there is a dress code in geekdom. I'm saying that once you start converting your outside to look like everyone else then your insides convert too. Your Soul won't. Your Soul will sit in your gut and judge you like Grumpy Cat, counting down the nanoseconds until you get a clue while making you miserable in the passive aggressive way that our bodies do to let us know we are being stupid.

It has been a long, long time since I have met anyone who shares close to the same kinds of "weirdness" that I have who is of a suitable dating gender. Not going to even try to predict the future here because that is just asking Karma to send a tornado when all you need is a light breeze... but if ever there is a chance of there being anything with any person on the planet... it is going to be with someone who belongs in your tribe. Sure.... cats and dogs can get along. But it is rare. Go ahead and throw Dharma & Greg at me and I will remind you that TV shows are seldom a wise choice in supporting arguments. Those kinds of matches don't happen often and they don't always last when they do. The statistical probability of long term happiness comes when you are in your own tribe.

And no... I don't mean race. I mean temperament. I mean personality and interests. I mean having a common language apart from your native tongue. Your people who will recognize you and forgive your transgressions because you are one of them.... those are the people you need to be with. Whatever the capacity or status of the relationship, whatever the future holds for any of us.... you will only succeed in any endeavor if you are yourself.

How will this turn out? Who knows. You all know I have a knack of screwing these sorts of things up in 5 emails or less. That we have gotten past the traditional stages of Failure is a good sign. The next hurdles to get passed are 1. my ability to intimidate by expecting too much too soon and 2. my unerring ability to pick a fight without meaning to somewhere just before the 6 month anniversary. As you can see.... I have a good reason to be cautious. But lots of reason for optimism.

And that too is part of my point. You don't know how anything will turn out before it turns out.... unless you are doing the same crap that you've always done. In that case it is safe to say that the same things will always happen. Just do what you need to do.

Be who you need to be.

The right people will come into your life, in any capacity, they will come.

BUT THEY HAVE TO BE ABLE TO FIND YOU!!!!!!!!!!! QUIT HIDING UNDER THE COVER OF NORMAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please. I promise it is the way to be the best happy that you can be. You might not be rich. You might still be single. But you will be happy. Just be yourself damnit!

And remind me that I said this when I forget this and try to conform again.

Oh... and just so you know, I won't be writing details. Just insights. No personal stuff. He doesn't know I have a blog. He is a scorpio and we all know how well that worked out for me last time... and I wasn't even talking about HIM! And I think that at this juncture it would be prudent for me to reign in my Aquarius a little by honoring other signs above my own. I don't have a problem blathering about things. But not everyone feels like being that open.

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