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Monday, February 10, 2014

Hello Sweetie

You know what is cool about my boyfriend?
Well one of the things that is cool about him anyway...  For an introvert he has absolutely no problem ponying up the Geekhood creds and getting his geek on in public.

Our dinky little town is doing a comicon. And we are going. He wants to do a cosplay thing. I got excited just thinking about the possibilities of being able to maybe do a Sherlock/Watson thing. That would not require me getting to far out of my own character or wardrobe for my first venture into this wild and untamed part of Geekdom. There be dragons here. And all sorts of other things that make you go, Oh my. And I've got my Watson huffing and puffing fairly well perfected. Plus, I have a mean exasperated face to throw into the mix.

Annnnd I was thinking a doctor/companion thing. As if he were in my head and knowing how far I was already running with this in my head, with one text, he shot me down: he doesn't have the cheekbones for either.

It's not about the cheekbones. Its the attitude. It's the witty repartee. It's the quotables (for just in case the costume doesn't gel with the audience). Sweetie has all he needs for either attempt. But alas.... the choice is his.

For myself.... especially since I saw myself in the character the first time I met her, except for the gun-toting & innuendo-slinging, I intend to go as

Sorry Internet: I stole the foto and not sure
where to find the credit. It's a promo shot.
So thanks BBC!
The Stuff I already (Mostly) Have in my Closet.
And I can make the journal.... which I was going to get around to doing anyway. I have the hair for it, the right shape face and just about the right body type. A trip to Good Will ought to yield the gun belt, maybe the boots.... or I'll wing it and use the black boots I have. I might have to have a jean jacket. And I will update her wardrobe with the appropriate south western styled jewelry if I can find the old turquoise bracelet from mom's stash. I really do mostly have the hair for this.
And we are huge fans of the show. It's ok if we don't match. The comicon is only a couple of months away. And if we have fun we can plan something mathcy for next year. There isn't that much time for the getting ready with all there is to do in other arenas of life.
So... to comicon

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