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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Surviving Winter

Well, we went through Valentines without a hitch. I got my silly card, he got his e-mail card. We had a wonderful dinner at home, visited with some of his friends, and in general took the weekend easy with a break for work hours.

And, as was done in the past, I am thinking of next year's Valentines surprise. It came and went without the hyper reactivity of the past so I think it is safe to say I am with the right person. This week we are both laid up with some back issues. I am getting through my work day but I kinda wanna die every time I take a step.

So the good news is that the massage therapist knows exactly what is wrong with my back. The bad news is that the SWF flat mate keeps sabotaging my healing. We may slowly be sinking into Misery territory. There a 20 knots in a small area around my coccyx and the QL muscle is strained as well as the upper thigh. I only report the pain, I don't draw a great picture of it. So the next trip to the doctor should be more helpful. He can narrow the ideas for treatment down. But to be honest.... this is looking a lot like I am going to be walking with a cane or one of those push carts. At least from where I am sitting.

This week the stores are having a run on avocados and blood oranges. Everything is a dollar. I've raided the limited funds for a great mid Winter treat. Blood oranges are such a nice treat. Bright splashes of grenadine juice and a refreshing burst of sweet-tart flavor really pick up a mood after such a long winter. In Michigan we had 74 consecutive days of sub-zero weather. That is a long time to be cold. It is a long time to pound the carbs. And I didn't do as much of that as I normally do.

We are still looking for a place. We've had a few good views but really, there is no rush, not a logical reason to rush at any rate. And I want it to be perfect for both of us. Yes, I had wanted to be settled by month's end. But I will wait for the right place and not snatch at the first that comes along.

I've taken the paints out again. And I am working on brush up skills. It's been a while and I see that I am quite rusty.

And that is how I am surviving winter.....
and pinning lots of flowers on Pintrest.

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