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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Belated Wishes

Better late than never. 

Dearest Ben,
I hope that you have had a wonderful birthday surrounded by friends & family. Mostly, I wish you the support that so few in your position are afforded:

the support to do what is right for you and not as a slave to the public or your career.
the support to keep your family and your health above all things

I also wish you the rarest of gifts, a fandom with the wisdom and understanding to realize that you are human no matter how dragon-like the roar. One person at the mercy of movie schedules and script conflicts can do only so much. As much as we all wish that the next season of Sherlock would get here, I wish for you that there is more support than angry retort. 

Happy Birthday! 

My world has been crazy and hectic so it is no surprise that this was late. Though the public greeting is late the sentiment was right there. When I got home from work my housemate loaded Penguins of Madagascar from Netflix. Hilarious. I don't think that I have laughed that hard during a movie in a long time.

And poor Ben. I wonder if he will ever say Penguins without all the ribbing that Graham Norton gave him. But it was hilarious. And yes, we did wait to here him mess it up. Which honestly only happened once. But it was comedy gold. 

Anyway, this is about all I am doing this Summer work and one movie a week. No time for anything else. Well, no I shouldn't say that. There is time. There just isn't any energy. I pretty much fall asleep the second I sit down. Which gets awkward when the first place I sit is in the bathroom.

My sister is in town with her family for a week and there is lots to do that means that blogging will have to wait a little longer. 

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