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Monday, June 27, 2016

Out to the Big Lake Again

The second trek to Lake Michigan brought in quite a haul of small stones and only a handful of big ones. I seemed to be doing pretty well with the fossils. Among the best finds: favosites and some crinoids.

Translucent stones are easy to find in the water what with the ghostly shine and all. The granite shines as well and is easy to pick out. I think the only value is as eye candy. And boy do they look a lot like jelly beans!

As ever, we each got quite a load of Leland Blue. This haul yielded mostly the green and purple. The blues and bright aqua colors came up but only in bits too small to do anything with.

But there were treasures still... that teardrop in the photo is gorgeous. And I found a larger piece with the same sea green mottle. Stunning pieces really.

This mixed bag is just a sample of the kinds of things that one finds on these excursions. Mostly, blue chert. And I think that I may have found a variety of green chert. I'll need to get an analysis to know for sure.

In this bunch there may be a chunk of phrenite, possibly some green jasper.

And here we have another great sample, in a concentrate with one heck of a cool agate in the mix. This kind of agate is rare according my rock hound roomie.

Just imagine a jar of these on the mantle!

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