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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Musical Woes

So something weird happened on the way to my mailbox. Somewhere along the line, the USPS decided it could not actually deliver to me the package my penpal sent. So no new Matthias Reim in the que. I only have a few sound bites from the songs to hear. It is a shame to since I have all kinds of time to learn this CD. Pen pal is reshipping so hopefully the second time will be magic.

In the meantime there is Spotify, and a new app I added to my phone: 8tracks. It started, as so many things do these days with a Pintrest pin. Hot British guys reading Poetry and Prose. Mostly Cumberbatch (Happy Birthday, Old Man!) and Tom Hiddleston. There are a few other great voices; Alan Rickman to make you cry (still not over that), Richard Armitage (for those who miss a tortured Guy) Michael Caine (still waiting for that Alfred smackdown on Bratman), Kenneth Branaugh (because Shakespeare the movies) and David Tennant (expecting Don't Blink to punctuate the Sonnets). It's great fun. And I am sleeping better.

In fact, off the Lexapro and with these gents in me ear all night, not only am I sleeping through BUT I am also not having nightmares. Major HUZZAH! Those things were killing me. And not so softly either. The panic attacks that shoot me out of bed for literally no good & logical reason have stopped. I think this means that I will have to make sure I only watch them being good guys. Or in Armitage's case, the wishing he could be better Guy and not them being assholes about life and everything. Fortunately it will be a while before there is more Jessica Jones. And Netflix has taken the Doctor away until the new streaming BBC is ready. So the only danger is accidentally engaging the memory files and triggering some kind of avalanche of terror. I also skip Hiddles. Sorry Tom, but Loki.... I can't.

Now if only I could find Josh Brolin and Goetz Otto reading things, my audio library will be complete.

Any way. As I was cruising through this new app I realized it is a lot of playlists. And there are German playlists. Matthias playlists. I don't know how this all works. But somehow, there is a way to make my mobile music experience great again. And I shall do so while I await the new CD. In the meantime, well rested me is having a blast with the energy from actual restful sleep.

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