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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

They hate everyone

Well, I hope everyone being directed here by a pron bot finds entertaining cat stories and some thoughtful commentary on the state of the world. Disappointed in the content? Too bad.Get a life guys. There is more to life than porn. The fact that some of you don't know that is disturbing.

I watched a movie last night. It was a weird kin of romantic comedy out of Germany. Old lady trying to live with PTSD and a young man trying to live with Multiple Sclerosis. And yet, I ended up writing this and posting it on Facebook.

I'm always curious what the other side thinks. I like dangerous topics. But I have always been afraid that going too deep into the thoughts of any opposing idea would take me to places that I don't want to go. I'm curious about the dark parts even though I am scared to death of it.
I am watching a German language movie which has highlighted something for me but I have to ask any of my history buff friends who might know a bit more about the subject. The idea in this movie is that the Nazi's hated Jews because the Jews "Infected them with Christianity." and that by "purging the Jews, they purge Christ" and the perpetual "guilt that keeps them from doing what they want".
Verification would be interesting.

 But it is an interesting idea anyway. Because it highlights somethings that have always been rather shadowy for me. For one, How is it just about "religion"? How did the idea of being sub-human get applied to Jews, or anyone for that matter? And how is it that so many anti-Jewish Christians can forget that Jesus was Jewish? The whole of the Jewish faith is the foundation upon which Christianity is built. Which leads me down a scary thought-path that the Nazi's understood the world far better than the rest. Of course, knowing your enemy is one of the first tenants of the art of war. Secondly, think about what it means to purge one's self of guilt.

It's one thing to down a gallon of ice cream as a "guilty" pleasure. But what is being said in this movie is that without Christ, without a moral compass, one can do ANY thing. ANY. Thing. Of course the evidence that they were able to do away with the moral compass is evident in the historical record, for many family's in the genetic memory. What the Nazi's were talking about, in the hands of less organized and determined people, was anarchy. In essence, the the rules that most civil society abide by do not apply to them. You see it in the excesses of the Reich while the rest of the country languished, the rules of conduct (how to dress, no smoking, excessive drinking, propriety) didn't apply. They did what they wanted to with the small stuff. They lived like Royalty. Militaristic Royalty. In other words, they wanted the free reign that that the thought, idea, belief in Christ denies them.
I've read Breitbart for months. I started reading with the whole 4chan/reddit/gamergate thing. I've personally experienced someone who believes that his own existence is justification for trampling mine. He believed that my life existed to exhalt his. Personally, I think that's what his wife is for. The thing is, he thinks and behaves like the Breitbart people. The alt-right isn't about hating people of color. Nazi's weren't about hating people of color if this new information is correct.

When you make race or religion the smoke screen for the truth you don't have to worry about good honest self-aware, self-protecting people running away from your intention to subjugate them. You see the alt-right and the Nazi's hate EVERYONE. They hate you middle management white males because you are holding their young men back. They hate you white middle class women because you have too much influence over what your household purchases. They hate you white lower class college students because your ambition makes them look bad, you are holding back their young men. They especially hate you women who don't have/want/need/like men because you make them question if they should be automatically worshipped because they have penises. They hate what they can not control. And it is your fault, our fault, that they don't have the skills to do it on their own.
We know when we are being top-dogged. We don't like it. We like cooperative people. We like people who stir the pot for jokes. We don't like it when our personal lives are stirred up and we are left with messes. We prefer to get along. Somehow the alt-right has convinced people that being polite is offensive. They've waged a 40 year campaign to twist kind people's undies and egg egoes into a kind of self righteousness that is bitter, demoralizing and corrosive. And it is all normal.

That is how the Nazi's managed to steer German citizens, pitting families against each other, family members against each other. The alt-right is looking at the same thing. The imaginary war on Christmas, the Bullying of being anti-politically correct and the idea that white males are more special than any other people on the planet means and are endangered leading to talk about revoking the 19th amendment are propagandist talking points that these guys are living their philosophic lives around. This is how they will manipulate us.
If we let them.
This is what comes of a movie about an old lady trying to get over her past and a young man trying to overcome MS. I really should stick to cartoons.

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