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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Not a Muslim Ban, he Says Look Who Got Turned Away, We Say

When people who have green cards and are Muslim are turned away at the Airports that is a Muslim ban. Green cards are proof of citizenship. The people detained in airports this week were not undocumented, they were not illegal. They went through the 2-3 year vetting process. Some of them already had jobs and were returning to them.

Yeah, it's only a 120 day restriction. But since when do airports let you travel without a visa? If you are from one of the 38 countries participating in the Visa Waiver Program you don't need the visa. Otherwise you have to have one. No one is going to fly in who shouldn't. So what was the deal with this ban? What was the point in detaining all of those people?

It doesn't seem to make any sense. At least not to me and lots of other people, including a Federal Judge. I'm not a law expert but when a judge says what you are doing is wrong, it's wrong. If the press calls you out on it you deserve to be called out.

I've gotten called out on my support of the protests. The call started with, "Hey Sweetheart." First if you are gonna talk down to me with the condescending tone you'd better be prepared to be ignored. I don't need the condescension and that is no way to make a point. You know, kinda how Reps don't like all of our smartassery. The meme is just as full of misinformation as we are accused of being.

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