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Friday, January 6, 2017

Welcome to the Shit Show

Well, for whatever reason, we are big in France. Merci.

Unless of course this is a whole lot of spam, redirecting and sites of ill-repute that are using my blog to piggy back their crap. Most of the sites referring here are Russian based but my readership, according to stats, is in France.


Anti-Nato group referring here with no one knowing who is really hosting it. Really? Look, I'm not interested in solving the world's problems beyond telling bullies to fuck off. Who's the bully? Well let's put it this way: the world has agreed on the borders of countries. If you live within the border of a country that is your country. You are entitled to the goods and resources naturally found in or produced by, manufactured at facilities or for your commercial businesses or delivered from your government. Got oil? Why shouldn't you have first dibs on it? Got a great oceanside beach? You're the first to swim when the season arrives. Got great skiing? Well, you should sit by the fire and let uncoordinated foreigners wrap themselves around your trees. I'm not a fan of skiing, can you tell? Your country you decide how to disperse the resources. Anyone outside of your country doing that is a bully. If you have decided that you want nothing to do with foreign governments dictating internal policy and want to be left alone. That is your right of choice. The bully is anyone who tried to control you. So mostly Putin and a handful of European countries plus our soon to be Idiot in Chief.

Overtly or covertly, bullies don't like you to make your own choices. But it is your choice. If you suck at administration then you will find out. If you can't balance a state budget any better than you can balance yourself on one foot while putting on pants well... those consequence are yours too. We all have the human right to strive and fail. Anyone who imposes their right over yours is a bully whether or not it is by force or coercion. The thing is, if your choices threaten someone else's life, land, freedom then limits must be set. They must be fair.

And you will never get anyone to agree on any of that. So there we have a simplified view of world politics. And this is where we have imbalances. Small European countries who are not part of NATO or the EU but want the benefits aren't going to be prioritized for reward the way China will. And they will be held to closer accountability than China. China's environmental laws regarding food production suck. We're gonna send chicken there for slaughter and packaging and ship it back. They have no OSHA, they have no standards of cleanliness and they are gonna make out food? Perish the thought. But it is part of a deal that we can't for some idiotic reason tell them they can't have. But if a small little country like Moldova wanted a piece of the meat packing deal you better believe they would have to have standards comparable to the US. Why? Cause Moldova isn't China and no one is scared of them like they are of China.


The world is a chaotic mess of imbalanced shit.

And at this point, anyone who wants balance is a bully or a libtard. Mostly a libtard. There are a handful of people who will bully for the right reason. But most bullies only exploit imbalance with the promise of balance because they can stack the resulting deck in their favor. Which creates another imbalance. A libtard wants balance for balance's sake. But rarely do things stay in balance once equality has been established because there are not enough people on this planet who can set aside their own crap or who possess enough skill to maintain the status quo, no matter what the status is.

The whole world is a big fucking shit pile with everyone battling to be the biggest turd. So go ahead... be the big shit. That still makes you shit.

I can't fix anything from where I am. I haven't the power and influence to change anything with the time that mankind has left to keep from killing itself off. I haven't the energy to stand on the front line and preach, let alone militarize my position to make people listen. Most importantly, I don't have what it takes to be the biggest turd on the shit pile which is the desire to be the biggest shit.

I don't want to be the biggest shit because I don't want to be shit.

I don't want to be the waste product of a broken culture or economic system. I don't want to he the waste product of a species that fails to grow beyond the basest and most petty traits of being human. I don't want to be a shit of any size let alone the biggest.

And I don't really have the time necessary to get in depth and complicated about how personal imbalance leads to greater imbalance that then topples governments, economies and the very soul of what it means to be human. And that is provided that there is more to being human than fighting and scraping to use the last of our resources until we reach the point of cannibalizing our own species just so the last biggest shit can be the last one steaming on the shit pile.

I am a libtard who can't stand how people treat each other with such callow self-centeredness and disregard as to be willing to destroy entire cultures for supremacy. I can't stand how individuals refuse to grow and mature and then cry that the world is not fair while expecting you to fix their problems as if there is a magic wand that will do more for them than implementing one little change. I hate how people hate on each other. I hate that so many people are content to be shit then fight to be the top of the heap. I hate that messages of peace and self improvement dependent on building one's self rather than destroying someone else are ridiculed. I hate that the cycle seems never ending and unbreakable.

I hate that I am still here.
However, I am quite content knowing that I am on my last decade. I'm dying and I could not be more excited by the prospect of no longer being part of the shit show.

This world could be beautiful. It could be healthy. It could be an Eden. But no. It has to be full of ugliness and hate. Of selfishness and greed. It has to be a world where physical and monetary wealth trump spiritual wealth because too many selfish, insecure, greedy, mean foul little shits feel the need to compete to be the biggest and, those of us who don't want to be shit can't fight fire with fire without being shit ourselves and losing what progress we have made. 

I don't have the fight. Survival instincts require that I power down all non-necessary systems, reroute power to life support and engines. I am required to make the most of my days remaining. Survival instincts are involuntary functions of living as much as breathing and swallowing when there is water in your mouth. This requires that I work to be able to pay what bills I need to live our my days. That I experience those things which build spirit so that I do not die a shit. And to spend what reserves I have taking care of those in my immediate circle.

The world is yours to do with as you will. Your choices are yours. If you chose to be a shit then you can not complain about the stink.

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