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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I can't even listen to these people anymore. But I also can't let this historic event happen without acknowledgement. America's strength is in its ability to remain faithful to the vision of its forebears. He spoke of unmeasureable fear growing among the people. "We have chosen hope over fear." "Unity of purpose over and discord." "All are equal, all are free, all deserve the chance to pursue their full measure of happiness." This sounds so much like Snowballs speech in animal farm. When he mentioned those whose work is obscured compared to those who produce in the limelight, spoke of the nobility of those who toiled to make America the nation it was/is... makes me think that this is the ground work for the communistic picture ACG paints.I am impressed that he almost quoted "Swing time".I hope that Science will be put back in the place it belongs. I hope that he will be able to undo the small changes that Bush made that seems to have well, snowballed.Goverment that works, not too big or too small. I can only hope that he means to hold government officials accountable, but the Blogo thing makes me wonder. "An nation can not prosper for long when it only serves the prosperous." I certainly hope this is the change that we are expecting. In the back of my mind, I hear the death march at America's funeral.Yet, I hope. I had not thought that a black man would win in my lifetime. So I hope. I know this isn't about black and white and that this can not measure his future success, but it does give me hope. He is right about one thing. This world is getting smaller and we will have to learn to live together in harmony if we are going to survive as a human race and not a bunch of scraping grasping rats as portrayed in the movies of our bleak future. If I keep thinking that nothing will ever change, I put up road blocks to imagination that says all things are possible. And that, in the end, must be what it is that blocks my artistic flow. I must have hope. I must find in myself something to believe in and then I must find it in equal measure outside of myself. I cannot stand the idea that politics and polititians can ruin the nation while taking liberties with trust and funds. But I cannot stand to think that there is no hope. So... as I always do, I will put my hope in this man's hope, his faith, his rhetoric. I will have hope that there is within him an ability to subvert the status quo in Washington while allowing them to think that he is still following their script until the last minute, when he throws the plot twist in their face. I'm not likely to hang on every word he says. I am not an Obamite like I am a trekkie. But, I have to have hope, and heart. Even if I am disappointed again.

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