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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Well fans, I have to say I am thankful for the sunshine. I only wish that it did not hurt my head and make me more dizzy than the fever and nausea. But it is good to see. And good to feel. With the actual beams beating on the bedroom side of the roof, my room is warm enough to forgo the space heater which is being a pain in the ass.
I let it over heat once and now it is set to 75, a temp it doesn't like. If I forget to det it to 75, then a bit passed and bring it down to a respectable 67 then it runs for a few minutes and read overheat and shuts down. Good thing it can't set my house on fire but damn I wish that it wouldn't be so tempermental.
So geek chick has been absent from the internets. I do apologize. I've been a bit busy with a second job. Working for Roger and Carole only a few hours a week has had one benefit that I could not forsee... an improved sense of self worth. One of the reasons that I was offered the job is because I owe them some money. So they know that I am a bit bad with management. So when I tell Carole what things are like, she knows a good part of it is my fault. And I did tell her that there are many times I just don't care enough about myself because things never seem to change. She knows more about this situation than anyone else so when she tells me that I don't deserve to be treated like a second class citizen I can believe her. She is delightful. And from working with her, I have a renewed sense that I should be taking care of myself and that I don't have to let things get out of hand. Carole is also reminding me that no matter what your financial picture is a person has to show a graceful and grateful face to the world and the world begins in your own mirror since it is the forst face that you meet in the morning.

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