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Thursday, January 8, 2009

testing...1...2...3... it worked!

Okay, here goes... further interruption of my 4 part series. I am trying a bit of fancy software footwork from my bedtop desk.Yes, as part of my 2009 goal to make my life easier to get to everything that needs doing, I bought a bed desk. Since the laptop has so many applications for multi tasking, I felt it behooved me to make the most of it. And so... I write at an angle that is more condusive to getting up a good speed. I can have all my research material at hand, my back is more comfortable with this set up as I am not allowing it to slouch. And I have to say, the screen is at a better angle and height. So now I can watch Frasier while I type and not hurt myself... unless I laugh too hard.I also purchased a bar stool from BB&B. It fits the table the I am using to produce artwork, has sturdy back despite the fact that some assembly was required. And by leaving the bottom parts of the legs off, my own legs fit under the table unlike with Grampa's old stool. No fears... it is up for a bit of Tarnex, new chrome paint and some screws to replace the ones that wiggled out over the 50 years that its been around. The red vinyl is in perfect condition. The best part is that all of my purchases today were at deep and ridiculous discounts(except the bed table); thus fulfilling the another 00 goal of making my dollars go as far as possible... for me, not to make sure its gone so no one can take it, but practical, cheap and for the good of my productivity. I even bought a 40 dollar Swarovsky encrusted menorah for 10.00. W00T!s to me!!2009 Cathedral claendars for .50 in keeping with the "Look what Michelle is doing" and "How cool is old architecture" themes.A test die cutter for 50% which they never are. With luck it will work in the multi purose machine I bought eons ago and haven't had much opportunity to use. If it does work then I know that my Wizard will function with any die cutter. I know that sounds expensive, but there are only a handlful of dies that a body needs and my machine, unlike the one that the die was made for, will allow me to cut windows in the fronts of my cards... in cool autumnal shapes might I add. Which means that I can then use the alphabet sets from quick cutz and never have to buy precut letterforms ever again! FMN scrapbooking lets you use their dies in the store for a meager hourly fee... Whoo Hoo!
So... let's hope this cut and paste thing that ACG told me about works. If it does I can get back to parts three and four in my Light Kindling series.

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