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Saturday, December 6, 2008

geekfiles: collective words

A grouping of whales is a POD. A gathering of crows is a MURDER. So what do you call the group of diners that shows up at your food bar all at once? A DESCENSION. As in locusts descending upon a field of golden wheat that has been sitting there minding its own business. Don't even make the argument that the business of a field of wheat IS feeding the flocks... it won't fly with me at the moment.

Yes, today's word was inspired by the inundation of semi rabid teenage hockey boys powering up for their 12:00 game. This was my first day in the breakfast bar by myself. But wait, you say, aren't you a housekeeper? Why yes, yes, I am. But we had someone quit and the new hire quit before she ever got a time card because a better job waits for her downstate. So, since I have some food service experience, I spent two days training and then was alone today.
We knew that there would be three hockey teams here today. I knew there would be a deluge at some point. But what I forgot about deluges in the year since I last did food service was the speed at which things go south. Unlike a prepare as they order setting, in which I have worked there is no portion control so there is no control over how fast you have to restock items. One person can effectively decimate the bacon tray. 30 pieces of bacon gone faster than Nero can light a match. And even though it is pre-cooked it still takes a long time to warm through to a crispness that most people will like.
So on the up side, the first person in today really liked the bacon. Yea me! But still, I never really got caught up until ten minutes to closing.

So, in my frustration, the only thing to do was make up a new word. DESCENSION. Unlike the next word, DISSENTION, which is what happens to the rank an file workers who are left to cleran up after the slackers. Which is what I am off to do now. Someone decided she had to leave at 1pm without finishing her rooms. So, yes... I am a housekeeper too.

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  1. I guess that's always better than a DISSECTION, right?