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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

back on the dating scene

Or at least looking.
registered for geek2geek yesterday. you'd think I would have been a bit more prepared for the experience since I knew I was going to do this. Anyway, six winks two of which were read and no reply. I threw a couple more out today. But I am not hopeful. Everyone of them wants the hot geek chick which I do not classify as. Cute sure... but when I look at what these guys are taking home I am realizing that geeks are the same as everyone else... looks count too much.
In any event, at least I know my people are out there. They aren't imaginary. They aren't wishful thinking or figments of my imagination.
I believe that if I look at this quite logically, with an artists eye, I can say without any kind of attack on my own esteem, that I lack an "It" quality. I had "it" for someone a few years back. And I had enough of "it" for someone to manipulate a marital contract from me. But "it" is gone now.
Which begs the questions: how does one lose "it"? Once lost can "it" be retrieved? Or, by its very nature, is the "it" factor's base function limited by an unrecognised list of parameters thus yielding highly localized and subjective results? Or, using marketing probability statistics, have I simply not cast enough flies?
I wonder if someone will write Charlie's mathematical dating protocol book. This may be my last hope in understanding WTF is up with my skills. Of course, I simple could be telling the Universe that i want to be left hanging with every wink/flirt/message i do put out because I do so in the belief that it will yiled no tangible results. Again I ask, why am I doing this?
Oh yea... taglines taglines taglines.

The unfortuneate thing about geeks is that they are not likely to make many typos; and if so, they will check their text for eggregious errors. But they re most likely going to be creative. So I thought. For the most part I have seen a herd mentality with taglines that look suspiciously like they have been cut and pasted from some other non intellectual sites. In nearly 300 profiles I found one that was creative: "Diagonally Parked in a Parallel Universe". Clever.

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