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Thursday, February 12, 2009

in which the well runs dry

Well, not exactly dry but a bit crusty from lime build up.
So I've been on Twitter for a couple of days and here's the surreal thing; I have people following me that I've never heard of. And more surreal is that the people I have chosen to follow have turned around and followed me. Except Wheaton and he said that would be the case because then he would never leave the Internets. But I was a bit surprised, very pleasantly, that Kath is fllowing. And I was even more surprised that following Wil has lead me to follow.... wait for it... Brent Spiner and LeVarBurton!!!!!!
I'm also following someone who posts way more than anyone else. And it's hard to beat wil when he gets going. But really - Data and Geordi! Get real! It is so freaking awesome. Rawk on!

And the coolest thing about today is that I am actually feeling connections in the world growing like I'm growing new nerve endings or something. It's strange but cool. I feel like I am part of something. There is no better feeling.
Now, if only I could figure out this compulsion to want to be on the computer all the time now. It may be the new toy thing it may be that I have been starved for expanded contact. Whatever it is... it feels good even if it feels scarry.
Too much Outer Limits as a teen.

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