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Monday, February 23, 2009

Introducing Zoe Keating

I think I have heard of her before. But today, I consciously know who she is. She is a cellist that NPR uses frequently as the underscore in their All Things Considered pieces. Wil put a link to one of her you tube performance videos. This is awesome. I thought that I knew the song she was playing as a rearrangement of a popular song. But I couldn't pull it out of my head. That is a good thing... then you pay attention to what she is doing instead of deciding if she has betrayed your musical heros. It is awesome. Not enough van be said. I don't know enough to write more extensively. But wil asked that we blog about her and so... blog I do.
Of course, I am a geek in good standing so I wil have to do some research today.

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