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Wednesday, February 18, 2009


In many senses of the word.
First let me say, the Wheaton is responsible for bringing me over to this site. No, I'm not a whatever wil does I will do person. But, it did seem to make some sense to me to be where the geeks are. And he hasn't steered me wrong yet.

So I love Twitter. Twitter is full of people that I would have no contact with, or hope of contacting otherwise. Brent Spiner, LeVar Burton, Kevin Pollak are among those that I am following in addition to the Wheaton. I have 5 followers myself. Some of whom I have no idea how they know me. Mendelson and Flowersmeller to be precise. And from Facebook, my classmate Kathleen and I are the cutting edge of crossing these two social networks in our circle. It is wonderful. I am finding the world to be only as small as my perceptions. So this is an experiment in expanding imagination. And the list of people I am hoping to make contact with is expanding daily. Top of the list is the board leader of another kind of twitterpation:

I would love to meet Michael T. Weiss. And yes, ACG, I do have a crush on him. The more I read about him the deeper the crush. But, again. It is the Aquarian connection. He is quite a wonderful fine artists as well as actor. And his 2007 Repression series seems to have been tackled while I was tackling my own... obviously with different motifs. I'm still stuck in my genie bottle. He seems to have been stuck otherwise. Of course, there is really no way to know by the works if the issue is resolved. I tell you mine is not because I am still in process with the Chakra series, which I am hoping will lead to a breakthrough in allowing myself to be honest with myself and self image. His? Who knows. But it is a fabulous look at the issue from another perspective. Of course his perspective is a bit darker, perhaps one could say more adventurous. But as I recognised my own feelings immediately, I'm guessing it's just more honest. Which means more blunt. And, it is more distilled. Repression is not the only issue in my pieces. Of course when that is the only issue the imagery will be more startling.
All in all, I think that my recent spate of connecting with Aqaurians across the board is the biggest actraction to Michael T. Weiss. We tend to feel more kindred toward each other as we mature where, as I said to a friend the other day, as children we try to enforce our own Utopian visions. We are the egocrats. And we don't even know it then. Of course we think only of what is best for everyone but we fall so in love with our ideal that its hard to believe no one wants to participate in our vision. As adults we get to a point where we can embrace a multiverse right here in our own dimension sans wormholes and stargates. It takes a lot of growing up. As for what is best for the world, we have to reduce those visions to the lowerst common denominator and strive for that goal. For almost all of us it is the environment; giving back to that which sustains us. Afterall, and as a sci-fi geek this is hard to admit, it is the only planet we have. If there are other class M planets with sustainable atmospheres suitable for colonization there will most likely be Klingons/Romulans and Ferengi vying for same. Trust me... they share as well as we do. So we have to take care of this one. Very little of what we have is renewable at the same rate at which it is consumed.
Twitterpated is good. It is a slow way to make connections. But... if we are disconnected we die.

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