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Monday, March 2, 2009

its just music

I know this. And it shouldn't make me this nuts. But puh-lease! This is just ridiculously insane!!
Six months ago I heard about U2's new album. LAst Tuesday they released it on their Myspace site. But NOT IN STORES???? WTF! So I thought, well maybe Best Buy or Borders will have lucked out and gotten advance copies.
That's a big NO from BB. So across the street to Borders i go. And when I get there? IT'S PLAYING ON THE STEREO! I skippped over to Alan, threw a "Salve (sall-way)" at him and said I want this, handing him the CD case. No prob for Alan. He hit a few keys and presto magic NOTHING.
Alan: (sheepishly) You aren't gonna like this.
Me: Not available.
Alan: No... not until
Me & Alan: MArch 3rd.
A curse on the marketing genious who came up with this brilliant idea of frustrating the fan base. And a curse on he band members who concurred with this totally lame LAME lame idea.
I know it's just music. But really? Is it JUST music? Is music ever JUST music? I mean, there is something intrinsic in the creation of music, any art, that speaks to the soul and connects listener to band/solo artist. Music that speaks to the individual, feeds the soul. It quickens the body and stimulates the mind. It isn't just music... random notes on a page. It is an experience. An experience that I have been waiting for the last six months. It is an experience that I had hoped would induce sunshine on my cloudy days. A new experience to bring in a new phase of my life. Music tends to do that. "Beautiful Day" got me through a painful break up during one of Sting's dry spells. In fact, it rather laid the ground work to appreciate Sacred Love without a jaundiced ear.
So I have been frustrated and barely able to stand this passage of time this whole week. And I wa just doing something random on Facebook when I am suddenly face to face with an ad for an album I would already own if SOMEONE WEREN'T A COMPLETE IDIOT!!!!!!!!! Talk about torment.
I know this should eclipse all other negative comments about Bono and his spokesmanship, forever defaming him in my eyes. But you have to seperate the man from the marketing or you lose the music. I know this too. But I don't care. It's just plain mean!

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