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Thursday, February 26, 2009

and so it goes

Well, brother is getting divorced. And at some point, if he loses his battle and the war he will be at Dad's.
After all I have said about my relationship, it is obvious that this cannot happen. Caught a season three episode of Pretender in which Jarod deals with Murdock (I know, but cross referencing is so much fun). Jarod can't deal with the guy because he doesn't want to get into the sociopath's head. There is much similarity in my coping with bro. And the things that I felt certain I knew I am now uncertain of. I know why she left. No one can live in that kind of uncertainty without it creating a paradox in one's being. Its like being in a pressure cooker. And the thing is while the victim is living in chaos/uncertainty the victimizer is in complete control.
Its the complete part that bothers me. It is statistically and mathematically impossible to be completely anything. There has to be a whole/rip/pin prick of an opening through which to escape without shredding you own ships hull....
its code i know. But I know what I am talking about and for now that is all that matters.

Well lets see how many sapiens giganticus ignoratus nonpatris I meet today.

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