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Friday, April 24, 2009

doppel or nothin

Well, since the last time that I posted about this subject I have been wondering what is going on with her. If I were a truly paranoid person I'd say that she got all the good karma instead of sharing it. Well, I am truly paranoid so I guess I have to say that if I were selfish and whiny I'd say that. So anyway...
Today I went in at 7:30. I wouldn't normally but we have some long term guests who work overnights and need rooms done by 8 am. So I got to work at 6:30 so I could tweet and read up on the twitterverse. Melissa came in a 7ish. She thought that she had already seen me, in a car exactly like mine, and headed away from the hotel which meant that she should have gotten to work before me. Run on sentence I know. And yet... there I was, typing away.
Melissa told me where she saw her and which way she was headed. I can guess that she lives in the same neighborhood that she grew up in. That is what her grampa said. And that she changes cars about as often as I do. I wonder if her choice in a Ford was purposeful or fated like mine. Read cheapest on the lot. So far as I can tell, she is not a housekeeper in an undisclosed location. Based on the questions the guy at the quilt shop asked me (he runs the machine center) I believe that she works a professional desk job.
I really want to meet her. We have the same taste in everything. And in this podunk small town with big city aspirations (thinking Film Festival) you'd think I could meet her. Or at the very least get a glimpse. There are only about 25000 people right in the city's vicinity. 12-15000 in the city proper. So why don't I ever see her?
If the legend is correct and the entanglement theory being tossed about the quantum physics water coolers is correct, then meeting her would destroy Life the Universe and Everything. Or at the very least the exposure of my molecules to her would cause a gradient decay at the subatomic level and we would "pffpt" evaporate. Now I will grant you that the science of quantum anything is pretty young in le Grande Scheme of Human Existence and that these stories have been around forever. But what inspired the legend? And what superstitious events contributed to legend's longevity? Could that really happen?
I don't think so. But beware... I am prepared to face the consequences and find out. If we don't blow ourselves to space dust and take the rest of you with us then we could possibly be the bestest friends we have been looking all our lives for.

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