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Saturday, April 18, 2009

How old am I?

For those of you keeping score
chronologically: 39.4 years est (earth standard time)
biologically: 48 (too much Ben & Jerry's)
relative heart age: 25
soul's age: 8 lifetimes of average 68 years, give or take
spirits age: um.... 5 (but I'm holding up 4 fingers)

Why am I telling you this? To get to this:
ME: still drooling over Dave's gift.
INSUB: Are you a trekkie? How old are you?
BRAD, monitoring the situation from his office, shoots me a Stewie kind of evil grin. His look seems to imply that he has front row center tickets to Armageddon.
ME: It isn't about age.
exit INSUB nattering under her breath. Dissatisfied, BRAD returns his attention to his desk.
ME to DAVE: This is why we like the Wheaton. We follow without judgement.

And I guess that is where CSI: Space Oddity has brought me. Its another uber nerdy convention show that has the "regular", "serious", "professional" guys picking on the fans for their irrationality while they hunt for a killer hiding among the stars' fans. But here's my point. Not only do we find out that Eckley knows the show, the ME and his assistant know the show. Everyone knows the show enough to know something, to recognize it. Everyone is a fan to some degree, even though you would never really guess that from Fishburne's character. We even get someone whose whole pro collegiate life is about deconstructing myths and figuring out why these things are so important to us.
The people who were part of the Star Trek world are fans of that world. It isn't just that Wheaton was on ST; He LOVES Star Trek. LeVar Burton LOVES Star Trek. Trekkies are in good company because the stars are among the fans. How often can you really say that about a show? Well, Stargate could probably make that grade too. I mean RDA goes nuts when he talks about it. It isn't how old we are. It is that we find a connection to other people through the show. It's about the way that the crew comes together as much as it is about the ships and the cool toys.
Star Trek is an institution to which I have been committed. Now they just need to get my bed ready.

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