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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Plum delish!

So I got my plum colored mouse. I had to since the whole highlight a ginormous block of text was driving me nuts on my tiny little dufus mouse pad built into the laptop. It really is the most inconvenient thing on the 'puter. I never get enough highlighted to make my rearrangements work. So I bit the bullet and bought the mouse. This thing is great.
I want to write all day tomorrow just so that I can use my mouse. Well... not just so that I can use my mouse. I want to write because I finally figured out what I was going to write. And I went to the stationers today and got all my gear together.
Stationers is just a fancy word for Office Depot, I feel more Conan Doyle using that word instead of the big box name. But anyway... off to nappy land.

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