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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

when songs attack

I have a huge problem with songs sticking in my head. Just like with everyone else they get in and they won't get out. Most of the time it is with little provocation and they even have some relevence to what ever it is you are doing.
So I was listening to some podcasts. It was late in a D&D campaign when our heroes began to fall under the might of an evil necromancer [I know there is no other kind. Drama people, drama]. Omin Dran valiantly throws his polyhedron and rolls another one! Cursing. Despair. And the mighty F bomb lands on the table. As our heroes move onward to the next throw, Jim's squeky and totaly und darkmage like voice starts to sing "Good King Jerry rolls ones a lot, he cannot roll a twen-ty." And I was done. Good King Wenceslas' tune was stuck. Jim had a great little concept and the whole thing was on the fly. Why a Christmas carol? I don't know... wenceslas... rolls ones a lot... kinda fits. So I have been consumed all day long with the parodic ode to the heroes of Acquisitions Inc. But I've been composing while trying to work my hotel job. And no one will really see this thing but me and my one reader.
And still... somehow in the middle of a particularly trying line, as Iwas trying to work in Jim's favorite attack after the magic missile this instead is what slammed itself front and center of my attention:
my darkmage and your darkmage
sitting by the fire
said my darkmage to your darkmage
gonna set your dwarf on fire
talk about "hey now!" Hey now.
Iko iko I nay

yes. I am strange. And while I am usually tortured by what is stuck in my head, this has me so amused that I have embraced the song and sang it in a perpetual loop. I have almost called the radio station to request Iko Iko just so that I have more of the song stuck with me and can perhaps compose verses for Binwinn and Aeofel. Omin may have to surrender to the evil necromancer... too many epic fails.
I know I'm weird. That is rather the point. I am not the only weird person out there. We'll see what commentors to Wil's blog say when they see it. Yes Itold other people. i told my people who know me by my weirdness and still call me all the same.

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