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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Happy Anniversary

As of today I have been a blogger for one year. As with most milestones, the anticipation produced more excitement than the actual day. When I woke up this morning I didn't feel more accomplished or more authorly (I know, not a word). I am more tired and more physically beat up since my job is kicking my arse. I do feel as though I have faced a challenge and seen myself more clearly because of it. I have found a braver voice than I thought I could ever possess. That can only lead to good things down the road. Fortune favors the brave, right? Depending of course on whose dice you roll... but I digress.
The things that I have learned through this experiment are harder to articulate than I thought they would be due to their internal nature. The discipline is the most important part since I used to write when "the spirit" moved me. I still have to conquer the silly notion that I can ponder a subject until the due date and crank out something brilliant to get that A+. I'm not in high school anymore and my aging brain pan reminds me of that fact constantly.
The blog, as it turns out, was a gateway into a bigger cyber world which is still so new to me that I don't have any cohesive thoughts on the subject beyond the fact that I am not as invisible as I thought I was. How this will all work together is quite beyond me.
So in the end, I have nothing wittier and daring to say beyond this
Here we go... into the void.


  1. It's really been a whole year? Wow. And what a year it's been, huh?