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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

New Profile

My least favorite writing assignments in school were the autobiographies. We did so little living that it seemed stupid to write them. Really they consisted of the most basic information that looked remarkably like your basic obit rush job by an outsider who just had to get something on paper. You know, to meet an editoria deadline. With the recent (4 years ago) slew of dating profiles I wrote, one would think it would be easier to come up with something fresh and original that was more than DOB and DOD. It is not.

I think that is why I left my profile so empty with my online game. I let the blog and my online rooms speak for me. And let's not forget that I can be a scintilating conversationalist... if (and that's a big IF) you do not ask me to use small words and ignore the burning social questions of the day. Today I am exploring another online social site. And I find that I have to have a good profile filled out. AGAIN. So I wrote one. AGAIN.

I wanted it to be different than anything that I have written before. And I wanted it to be different from anything someone has read before. I do not know if I will keep with this site. This is just an exploratory foray, a first contact, if you will. I'm looking for better graphics. And quite honestly, I want a leadership council that stands behind its people, for its people and listens to its people. That might be a bit much to ask. As with all things it starts with a basic profile. I did like what I wrote. So just in case I don't keep it. I am keeping the profile here for posterity's sake.

Yet another blank page; yet another profile to fill out and yet... words fail me. Again. All I can say about myself is that I am not the Most Interesting Person in the World nor am I a tittering church mouse hiding in the shadows waiting to scoop up what others have discarded.

I would love to be the Woman of Mystery. As it is, I tend to leave people scratching their heads. Most are quietly amused. Some will take stock of their lives to figure how to avoid the convoluted & dizzying maze I've presented. Then, there is the Handful of Others who run screaming for the woods as if the Tasmanian Devil is on the loose.

I've often thought that I could pull off Strong Female Lead in a Police Drama. Smart, funny, observant, keen on the details and good at finding the dirt bags under the flowery words, as I grew up on Sherlock Holmes, Police Consulting Detective would have been a good job for me. I would have a hard time shooting the Bad Guys and would most likely have either shot or slept with Castle by now. Show's over. So being Beckett is outta the question.

I've got mad Caroline Ingalls skills. From a long line of Pioneers, Refugees and Economic Adventurers, I have great domestic skills that can travel: Conestoga wagon, vardo, mini van... I would prefer the colorful vardo. The trouble with that is that ya really need the Charles Ingalls to go with that. And I have not got Chuck.

I am a Mild Mannered Reporter. Well, Mild Mannered Blogger for a Minor (read minuscule) Metropolitan (in our city councils' wet dreams) Blog is pretty accurate. I write on the geeky topics that fascinate me, mini journal about the Grand Social Experiment I've conducted in which I chose to be Extroverted rather than Introverted which, in hindsight, required more theory before implementation. Oh well. I write about my art, life observations, family history, social commentary and in some small way I am hoping to topple the music industries stance on maintaining geographic borders in an age where technology and desire have created a true global economy. In other words not only am I trying to make Matthias Reim fans. I want to buy the f***ing music in the States! It's a down load! How can their be an issue with shipping? EMI I'm looking at you.

Adventuress. That is one title that will apply to me. Hopefully within the coming year as I travel to the Fatherland to unearth the rest of my German Ancestors and a few Austro-Hungarian ones. (Not literally. Though with my luck I will find a vampyr some Dark & Stormy Night under a Full Moon with Spooky Fog. Zoinks! & Ruh-roh!) While visiting the cousins I will hunt the elusive Complete Discography of Matthias Reim in every dingy record store I can find between Regensburg and Dresden (because Europeans honor tradition instead of paving over paradise in the name of progress) while sampling the delicacies found only in the German Bakerei. Most likely, I will shoot several rolls (digital equivalent) of architectural details, scenery and do some plenn aire painting. There will not be time for drinking lagers and whatnot. But lots of authentic chocolate I hope.

True to the Gypsy heritage that lies latent in our family blood line, I love being bare foot, wearing bright colours, keep my own style, read Tarot (I just collect the cards for the art), dance when it is least appropriate and have a wild and vivid imagination. I am mostly German so I have all those nifty German traits that make being a Geek Uber Geeky. Such as? Well, for one, the ability to fixate with dogged (hunting & retriever breeds) focus on one thing to collect obsessively. I already have everything that Sting has done... except the new Back to Bass album as I am currently poor as a Gypsy & too honorable a geek to steal. I also have the Uncanny Ability to sit at a research desk without food, water and potty breaks for long periods of time. After all, as Dr. Jones says, 90% of archaeology is done in the library.

That is about it for me: Artist, Writer, Geek and Smart Ass. The whole kit-n-caboodle. So....

What's in your profile?


  1. That's very good. The best part is that the guys who would be most interested would probably be the ones you have the most interest in. This profile really does capture who you are and what you're all about.

  2. Thanks. I kinda wish I had one of those boring obit/bios from school to compare. Sure, that would hardly be fair since theres a lot of living that has happened in between. But I think the compare and contrast would be interesting.