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Saturday, May 16, 2009

more geek love

Have I mentioned how much I love Twitter?
It isn't just because it was the shortest distance between the Wheaton and me/I/myself (damn English). I mean I never really expected to ever hear from him. And lo! In the midst of his busy writing shedule, little 'ol me gets a retweet. And it isn't because I get a front row seat to Brent Spiner's very active mind. It isn't even because I keep getting these great ego boosts from new friends. I love Twitter because I have new friends.
I already told you about the friends I've made through the comments in Spiner's real time feed. Since then there have been even more followers, all of a similar mindset. And as we go along, day by day, we see the sacred and the profane of what makes our lives tick. Not just for oursleves but for the other people in our lives. It is amazing.
I think that the thing that I like most is that Twitter allows me to be a cheerleader and tweet things that mostly say "yea @_________" when the people I follow have great news to impart. I can send sympathy, virtual hugs and share emotions via music quotes with my followers/following. And Twitter forces brevity on my verbose inner Mr. Data. I don't feel bad "bothering" Wil when he is writing cause I keep it short. And I do try not to bother him with too frequent posting. But it is the great commeraderie with my new friends that makes Twitter most special. Sure without Wil and Brent I wouldn't have met them. But they are there, wating to be found, waiting to find me.
I've no grand illusions that Twitter will open portals to fame, fortune or some other lofty thing. of course it could. But I'm just this little poster and tweeter of geeky things. The grand things are for others. I just like expanding my Universe without all the negative quantum consequences. Twitter is good.

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