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Saturday, June 13, 2009

don't come around here no more

Specifically, bastards on Twitter.
I had thought for a while when the Wheaton was complaining about the bastards that left nasty comments for him in his replies and mentions that he was just being a. hyper sensitive and b. overzealous with the block button like a kid with a bb gun the day after Christmas. I don't think that anymore.
For the last two days I have blocked the same account 6 times now. Each time I block the account they make up a new user name and jump on board the glyphgeek train. It's the same profile pic, the same given name but the user name is different. And very often not original. One name was the equivalent of "jkjkjljkjjlkjlj"- playing on the keyboard. I find the profile pic offensive. The given name says everything you don't want to know about them. What I find most offensive is that I keep blocking them and like a certain bored Q Continuum entity I could mention...keeps coming back!
How can you not understand that if I blocked you once, blocked you twice, thrice and whatever means four and rhymes with twice and thrice that I really REALLY REALLY don't want you on my follow list? I treasure everyone of my followers even though I don't follow back 100%. I still look in and see what everyone is doing from time to time, make a comment to let them know that I am paying attention. So if I don't want you to follow me, me the Aquarius who loves everybody -Stewie/Lore/Q & a select short list, then you have to understand that I find you really REALLY REALLY offensive.
I'm not sure what cookie where sent them my way. But I've had it. I complained to Twitter itself! I block this account everytime I see it. To this account I say:

Whatever you're lookin' for HEY! Don't come around here no more.
I don't know who you really are. You could be an old high school classmate (I hope to Steve the Fruitbat you aren't), you could be a co-worker (talk about disturbing the Force), you could be an ex boyfriend (I have a special photon torpedo with your name on it) you could be my ex husband (I knew you didn't understand that divorce decree) you could even be the guy I have been e-mailing that I am really into (step off isn't harsh enough if you are). Hell you could even be my next door neighbor, that funny guy that always waves and smiles and never says anything mean about anyone but my brother... and you'd better not be my brother. And please don't be any famous person that I have been dying to have follow me. I mean seriously, I appreciate incognito but couldn't you be @stevethefruitbat or @tribblepoop or @captaintightpants or something not "@fanousperson'sname" without being obnoxiously gross?
I don't want what you're selling. If you're gonna follow me for the humor, the weather updates, to share the glory of Star Trek/STARGATE/Fringe/Castle fandom, to find out where the good treats and the best brownies are, for my not so stellar e-dating advice, unsolicited advice of all kinds and reviews for all the TV shows that @dhewlett recommends then find a pic that won't offend my employer, a name that won't offend me and get some balls to ask me why I keep blocking you. Or just dredge the very bottom of your microbe infested soul for even the most miniscule amount of human decency and leave me alone since I'VE BLOCKED YOU 6 TIMES! And while you're at it, resurrect a modicum of your humanity and apologize. Or borrow someone else's for the nanosecond it would take to muster a nanogram of sincerity for the piss poor apology I know will come from you.

And to all and sundry: If you lend out your computer priviledges to even those that you trust I have 3 words of advice to insure you against all 6 kinds of stupid you invite to darken your URLs: Supervise Supervise Supervise. Like a Mother Superior with a Slide Rule for Knuckle Whacking... supervise all use of your computer. Don't even go to the bathroom in a crowded cafe without password safegaurding your keyboard. And if you find someone has tracked their gross little cookie crumbs through your IP ID... I won't charge you any apple strudel to look the other way while you whack 'im like a Soprano.

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